LESCO Bill Unit Price 2024 | Peak & off peak hours

Electricity unit rates that are named as GOP tariff in electricity bills are those charges which are paid by the consumers as per their consumption. These are usually measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Like other electric supply companies, LESCO bill unit price are determined on various factors such as fuel costs, transmission and distribution expenses, and government taxes and surcharges. You will find here the latest electricity per unit price, peak and off-peak hours and other relevant information.

How to Check LESCO bills online 2024:

In this digital era, you do not need visiting the WAPDA offices to inquire about the latest electricity unit rates, or to receive the monthly bills, or to pay it. Availability of internet and access of everyone to the website of LESCO have made it much easier to do all these course just by few clicks. Here we’ll provide the whole guidance about checking and paying the bills online. For obtaining the latest month’s bill, you need to follow few steps as discussed below:

You can reach the relevant page by clicking here or by clicking the following image:

  • Enter your reference number or customer ID,
  • Click the “customer menu”, add captcha and get the bill.
LESCO bill online

Besides this, the detailed mode is given below:

1. Go to search engine e.g. google, and enter www.lesco.gov.pk .

2. Click the column of Customer bill

3. Enter the reference number or customer ID in relevant column

4. Click the customer menu and add captcha.

5. Here u can see, download and print your latest monthly bill.

Latest LESCO bill unit price / rates:

The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) in Pakistan updates its tariff rates periodically. Latest LESCO bill unit price of Lahore, kasur, Sheikhupura, Nankana, Kausr and okara are given in following table:

A-1a(01) Residential tariff of less then 5KW:

Prices of electricity consumption vary for the life line, protected and unprotected consumers.

Life-line and Protected consumers units prices 

Consumer TariffUnits categoryPer unit rate / price 
A-1a(Lifeline)Up To 503.95
A-1a(Lifeline)50 – 1007.74
A-1a(protected)Up To 1007.74
A-1a(protected) 100-20010.06

For understanding the category of lifeline and protected consumer click here.

Un-Protected consumers unit price:

Consumer TariffUnits categoryPer unit rate / price
A-1aAbove 700 42.72

A-1b(03)T Residential tariff of 5KW and above:

Consumer TariffPer unit price / rate
A-1b(03)TP- 41.89

A-2 Commercial connection LESCO bill unit price:

Consumer TariffPer unit price / rate
OP- 35.38

A3 General Services connection LESCO bill unit rates:

Consumer TariffPer unit rate / price

B industrial supply connection LESCO bill unit price:

Consumer TariffPer unit rate / price

C Single point supply connection unit price:

Consumer TariffPer unit rate / price
C-2b(29)P 41.35
OP- 34.55
C-3bP- 41.35
OP- 34.45

D Agricultural tariff unit price:

Consumer TariffPer unit rate / price

E. Temporary supply LESCO bill unit rates:

Consumer TariffPer unit rate / price
E- 1ii(56)38.140
E- 234.0

F. Seasonal industrial supply per unit price:

Consumer TariffPer unit rate / price
F street lighting22.02

G. Public lighting tariff LESCO bill unit price:


Consumer TariffPer unit rate / price

H Industrial residential colonies rates:

Consumer TariffPer unit rate / price
Industrial residential colonies 37.43

I Railway Traction LESCO bill unit price:

Consumer TariffPer unit rate / price
Railway Traction Tariff37.43

LESCO Peak and off peak hours 2024:

Peak hours are times when the demand for electricity is highest, and off peak hours are the times when the demand of electricity is lower. The price of units of peak hours is higher than off peak hours. This billing method leaves huge impact on billing of time of use (TOU) connections. Billing of residential connection of 5kw and above i.e. A-1b(03)T, commercial connection A-2c(06)T, industrial, agricultural and single supply connections etc. are charged on this pattern. These hours vary depending on the location and policies of electricity supply company. Peak and off peak hours of electricity that are applicable on Lahore, Kasur, Sheikhupura, Nankana, Kausr and Okara are given below:

MonthsPeak hoursOff-Peak hours
Dec – Feb5 pm – 9 pmRemaining 20 hours
Mar- May 6 pm – 10 pmRemaining 20 hours
June- Aug7 pm – 11 pmRemaining 20 hours
Sep – Nov6 pm – 10 pmRemaining 20 hours

How the LESCO bill is calculated on the basis of unit rates:

Electricity bill is calculated on the basis of consumed units number that are measured on the basis of consumption of electricity in kilowatt per hour which is written in short form as ” KWH meter reading “. If you thoroughly check your bill, you can also find the previous and present readings. By subtracting the previous reading from present reading, you can get the reading of present month’s consumption. Customer can know the charges by multiplying this number with unit price. For further guidance, check the picture below:

Calculation of lesco bill units rates

How to pay LESCO bill online:

Many banks in Pakistan offer online dues payment services. To pay your electricity bill online conveniently, following are some methods:

  1. Internet Banking websites
  2. Mobile Banking Apps

Electricity bill payment Through Bank Websites:

You can pay your electricity dues online through:

  • National Bank of Pakistan ( NBP)
  • Bank of Punjab ( BOP )
  • Habib Bank Limited ( HBL )
  • Askari Bank Limited 
  • Muslim Commercial bank ( MCB )
  • Faisal Bank 
  • Allied Bank
  • Bank Al-Fallah
  • Summit Bank
  • United Bank Limited ( UBL )
  • Meezan Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank 
  • Al-Habib Net banking
  • Nadra E Sahulat
  • UBL Omni Dukaan

1. Log in to Your Bank’s Online Portal. Access your bank’s online banking service.

2. Find the utility dues payment section, often under the “Payments” or “Bill Payments” tab.

3. Choose LESCO from the list.

4. Enter your 14-digit reference number.

5. Verify the details and complete the payment.

Bill payment Through Mobile Banking Apps or jazz cash or easy paisa:

1. Log in to your bank’s mobile app.

2. Find the electricity bill payment option within the app.

3. Choose the option of LESCO.

4. Enter your 14-digit reference number.

5. Confirm the details and finalize the payment.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs):

What are LESCO Tariff Slabs?

Electricity bills are charged in terms of per unit cost which are called GOP tariff. Tariff slab is less for the the less consumption . On the other hand, it is heavily charged for heavy consumption. The slab rate is different for lifeline consumer of less then 50 units, for protected consumers using less then 100 , for other consumers who are consuming 100-200, 200-300, 300-400, 400-500, 500-600, 600-700, and all others above 700 units. On crossing one limit, the higher rate of next slab is charged. 

Whether LESCO bills can be located with name, CNIC or meter number? 

No, you can not trace it by consumer name , or CNIC or by meter number. You can only find it by using the Customer ID or the 14 digit reference number.

What is the provisional detection bill /adjustment?

Where any illegal abstraction of energy is apprehended by way of direct hooking or by defect of electricity meter, not only the criminal case in shape of FIR is registered against the offender but also the loss is recovered in shape of charges which is named as assessment , adjustment or detection bill. If the same is issued pending some further proceedings, it is named as provisional detection amount. Before charging the detection / adjustment, the inspection team visits the place and fulfilled the requirements as provided in chapter 9 of consumer service manual. The documents which are prepared in this context are given below for further guidance:

M & T test Check Proforma
Provisional; detection bill
Detection bill / Bill adjustment amount

What is the difference between tariff and GOP tariff?

Tariff is a column given on electricity bill after consumers name and reference number. This column shows the category of the connection e.g. A-1a(01) shows that it is residential connection of less than 5kw, A-2c(09) shows that it is a commercial connection. For more details about Tariff click here

On the other hand, GOP tariff is the rate of unit on the basis of which the bills are calculated by multiplying the GOP tariff with the number of units (peak or off peak) .