Disobedience of Injunction Order

disobedience of injunction order

Procedure for dealing with disobedience of injunction order

Where the court finds that there are facts which may require the imposition of the penalties for disobedience of injunction order under rule 2 ( 3 ) of O. XXXIX , code of civil procedure 1908, the Court shall put the person at fault on this guard by framing a question or as an issue which should embody all the elements of a charge under the criminal jurisdiction and a precise reference to the law under which the court purposes to punish him.

After framing a question or issue, the presiding office/ judge should have held oral examination of the petitioner instead of receiving evidence on affidavit by using it’s discretion under O. XIX, C.P.C because as a general rule, a case involving quasi criminal penalties is not a suitable case for grant of permission to prove by affidavit and the civil courts when applying similar remedies, would do well in all such cases to adopt as nearly as may be the procedure prescribed for the criminal cases.

Hatim V. Shah Din PLD 1952 Lahore 77

Muhammad Aslam v Muhammad Nazeer 2011 MLD 1449

Disobedience of injunction order must be intentional

Before punishing a person for contempt, it must be proved that the disobedience is willful. Existence of mens rea on the part of violator is essentially required to be established beyond doubt. The mere unintentional disobeying a judgement, order or process of Court amounts to contempt in theory only and does not render a person liable to punishment. 

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No contempt in absence of any specific direction

The court has not specifically restrained the respondents from interfering in the suit land , contempt petition was dismissed. At the moment, the injunctive order is served upon respondents, it becomes operative.

Fida Hussain V. Sana Ullah Abbasi and others 2020 YLR 1413

Contempt and disobedience of injunction order 

Proceeding of contempt of court as well as actions under O.XXXIX, R.2(3) of cpc can be taken against the person who disobeys the injunctive order.

Fida Hussain V. Sana Ullah Abbasi and others 2020 YLR 1413

Acts in disobedience of injunction be set-aside

Illegal acts in violation of the stay must be cancelled and set aside. Any act done in violation of stay order is nullity in the eyes of law.

Muhammad Sabir Khan and 13 others V. Rahim BKhash and 16 others. PLD 2002 SC 303

Punishment for disobeying as well as restoration of position

Where the temporary injunction is violated, the court is competent to not only punish the contemnor for disobedience but also to direct the removal of illegal construction and restore the position on site, as it existed at the time of issuance of stay.

Ghulam Mustafa and another V. Amtul Qadir and others 2020 CLC 1853

Violation of injunction does not render the suit infructuous

In suit for permanent injunction, mere disobedience of injunction order by way of demolition does not make the suit infructuous, rather the court could direct to restore the position of the property to it’s original condition as it was at the time of suit and thereafter try the suit on merits rather than assuming it to be infructuous.

Chiragh din and another V. Chairman thal development authority 1970 SCMR 29

Ghulam Mustafa and another V. Amtul Qadir and others 2020 CLC 1853

In case the main Lis was dismissed later, the court observed that if during the period when an injunction was in operation it was disobeyed, the court would proceed against the party responsible for the breach and that dismissal does not excuse the party guilty of disobeying the order.

Bakhtawar and others V. Amin and others  1980 SCMR 89

Ghulam Mustafa and another V. Amtul Qadir and others 2020 CLC 1853

Subsequent Vacation of injunction would not condone disobedience

The mere fact that the order disobeyed has been subsequently vacated will not exempt the contemnor from punishment for violation of stay during the period of it’s operation.

Hamida Akhtar V Nazir Muhammad 1995 CLC 2020

Who can be guilty of violation of court order?

No one can be held guilty of the disobedience except the person to whom the direction is issued and the court has no jurisdiction to initiate contempt of court proceeding against the person to whom no order is made.

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Disobedience petition against Govt. Officer

Govt officials should not be summoned in these proceedings if they were not arrayed as party in the suit proceeding or against whom no stay order was issued because not only the official work suffers but also the govt officials are dragged in the court without any reasonable ground.

Aman and 5 others and Muhammad Ali ND 8 others PLD 1995 SC 572

Violation of undertaking punishable under O. 39 rule 2(3)

Suit was finally disposed of on undertaking or admission in written statement. Undertaking is binding upon party as injunction. In case of violation wrong doer may be penalized for violation under O. 39 rule 2(3)

Muhammad ashiq alias Ashiq Ali v. Razia begum and others PLD 1982 Lahore 459

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No execution in contempt jurisdiction

Where the order of court is to be implemented, the appropriate remedy would lie in execution proceedings and not in contempt proceeding. Contempt would only lie in circumstances which are mentioned in article 204 of the constitution. Contempt of court ordinance does not contain any provision for execution of the order , judgement or decree of the court in contempt jurisdiction.

Saeeda Sultan V. Liaqat Ali Orakazai PLD 2021 SC 671