Components of LESCO Bill

The importance of knowing the details of your electricity bill in Pakistan extends beyond financial considerations; it is a key element to help someone in navigating potential discrepancies, ensuring accurate billing and preventing unnecessary financial strain. In a country like Pakistan, where energy costs can significantly impact budgets, being well-informed about your electricity dues is a fundamental aspect of responsible and cost-effective energy use. This article will provide a complete guide about components of LESCO bill e.g. key elements, methods of billings according to tariffs, consumption history, FC surcharges etc., and meter readings etc. 

What is Reference Number on electricity Bill

A reference number which is provided on top right corner is not just a random number, rather it’s every digit contains certain specification relating to the connection to which this reference number is allotted. It includes details about area, locality, division and province etc. For further guidance see following image:-

Components of LESCO Bill

What is Consumer Number

One of the main components of LESCO Bill is the consumer number. It is a unique customer number which is provided by the (DISCO) supply company. It can also be named as account number which helps the company to manage the individual customer account and to facilitate communication between customer and electricity provider regarding billing process.

 This number has importance even more than the Reference number because any change of circle, division or subdivision, area or batch would result in changing the refence number respectively. However, the consumer number which is allotted to one consumer does not change, which helps in tracing the actual account, no matter how much changes occur in reference number or even in the name of account holder.

The consumer number is not only an identification number but it is also helpful to the consumers to know their billing details online. If one remains failed in receiving a bill, he can find it by pasting the consumer number in relevant Column on LESCO Website.

What is Tariff?

The tariff column on top right corner shows the specific category of the consumer. This column is different than the GOP Tariff column which shows the rates of units fixed. Usually, the pattern of tariff looks like this: A-1b(03)T. The initial letter, such as A, B, or C, indicates the primary consumer group. For instance, the connection begins with “A” if it is domestic or residential, and with “B” if it is industrial. Following the first letter, the numbers 1, 2, and small alphabets indicate the connection’s subcategory; for example, “1b” indicates that the connection is a three-phase connection. The TOU billing structure is indicated by the alphabet “T” at the end of the tariff. A billing structure where different rates are imposed for peak and off-peak hours is known as a time of use (TOU). 

GOP tariff rates- One of the Main components of LESCO bill

GOP tariff rates are the other main components of LESCO bill. Any fluctuation in rates results in remarkable change in electricity cost. So it is crucial to understand it for calculating the costs of consumed energy. These rates varies according to category of consumers i.e. domestic, industrial etc. Moreover, these rates kept changing with the decisions of the authority, so one should stay updated about it for estimating correct cost of energy. These rates are regularly updated on LESCO Website.

To calculate the energy cost, multiply the GOP tariff rates with the consumed units. In case the connection is a TOU(time of use), then this multiplication shall b made by applying charges of peak and off peak hours. And in case of Industrial connection, the cost shall be obtained by multiplying GOP tariff x consumed units (peak or off-peak) x multiplying factor MF. GOP rates Of every month are provided by DISCO which is shown in picture below:

GOP Tariff

Meter number and meter readings

Energy cost is charged by multiplying the GOP tariffs with the number of consumed units. Meter readers are sent by the LESCO to record the readings of meters . Everyone can also check his own meter reading by matching the number of his meter provided on his electricity bill. The number of consumed units of a month are obtained from the meter reading. In case of time of use (TOU) meter, two sperate readings of peak and off-peak units are mentioned. For further guidance, here is picture of meter reading 

Meter reading

Consumption history

History of the previous consumption is an integral part. No matter if the consumer is domestic or agricultural or any other category, his bill must includes a consumption history of previous twelve months. This history includes the number of units, the cost of electricity and the adjustment amount of every single month of previous one year.

What does Status on electricity bill mean.

One of the main components of LESCO bill is the Status of meter. Charging of consumption is regulated under this head. If this column is blank, then it means that the meter of consumer is running at site in complete accurate position. However, If the meter is defective, this column shows “DEF-EST”. In case of a defective meter, the estimated cost of electricity is charged instead of cost on the basis of reading of units. If the meter is permanently disconnected then it shows “P-Disc” and the consumption of units is shown as zero with no reading of units.

Besides this, two other specifications are also used to be mentioned in this column i.e. protected and life-line. Protected status means the category of those non-TOU consumers who has consumed less then 200 units a months for consecutive 6 months on there single phase connection.

Life-line status shows the category of those non-TOU consumers who have consumed less then 100 units a months for consecutive 12 months on there single phase connection. These status differentiate the consumers from non protected consumers. Consumers with status of protected or life-line are provided the benefit of one previous slab in their billing.

What are LESCO charges on electricity bill

On bill there are certain charges some of them are payable to government and the others to the DISCO. LESCO receives following charges:

Cost of electricity

It includes the charges which are determined by multiplying the consumed units (peak or off peak) with the GOP tariff rates. In case of defective meter, the estimated cost shall be charged.

Meter Rent

Meter rent is applicable on the base of tariff of consumer.

Service Rent

Service rent is applicable on the basis of chosen plan of consumer.

Fuel Price adjustment

At the start of every fiscal year, NEPRA set a fuel cost, however, in case of incurring any fluctuation in price of fuel by the power distribution company, either in positive or negative, the difference is charged in the monthly bills of consumers in shape of Fuel Price Adjustment FPA. It is added after two months e.g. if the fluctuation of price occurred in January, it’s difference shall be recovered in the billing month of March. Calculation of the FPA of March shall made by multiplying the FPA with the total number of units which were charged in January.

Fuel Price Adjustment

FC surcharges

 It is charged as per applicable Tariff.

Quarterly tariff adjustment

Quarterly Tariff adjustment is one which is set by the NEPRA to be recovered for a quarter of year i.e three months like January to march. It is also charged by multiplying tariff per units. The tariff of January to March shall be charged in next three months period. NEPRA charge it under sections 7 & 31 of the NEPRA Act, 1997

Deferred amount

If any previously charged amount is for any reason e.g. due to any pendency of dispute etc., is directed by the authority to not to be charged in arrears for the time being, it shall be mentioned in deferred column. It shows that the amount is still recoverable from the consumer or some adjudication is to be made about it yet.

Unpaid debt and installments 

If any dues are directed by the authority to be recovered in shape of monthly installments, then the amount of installment shall be mentioned in installments column, whereas the remaining sum shall be mentioned in unpaid debt column which is supposed to be charged in future in shape of allowed monthly installments.

Bill Adjustment

Certainly, it is most mysterious column which does not speak for itself. At the same time it is one of the important components of electricity Bill. This column is named as bill adjustment, however, the figure mentioned in it is also named as detection amount or some time as provisional bill. It has no direct link with the number of monthly units for calculation of monthly charges on regular basis. Any detection amount which is charged due to any discrepancy is mentioned in adjustment column.

In cases of defectiveness of meter i.e. slowness etc. the detection bill is charged as pending units recovered after downloading the data of the meter. Besides this, in case theft by direct hooking etc. the detection amount, or in case of any other previously recoverable dues on account of consumer, the amount is mentioned in this column which is added in arrears column of that month for adding in payable total amount.

What are Government charges in electricity bill

Following charges are recovered as government charges:

  1. Electricity Duty : It is levied by the provincial Government i.e. 1.50 % of variable charge
  2. TV Fees: RS. 35/-
  3. GST: The general sales tax levied by the Government of Pakistan. 17 % of( V/C +F/C+LPFP+E/D)
  4. Income Tax 10 % of( V/C +F/C+LPFP+E/D+GST)
  5. Extra Tax: 5 % of( V/C +F/C+LPFP+E/D)
  6. Further Tax: 1 % of( V/C +F/C+LPFP+E/D)

The Taxes amount shall also be recoverable on FPA.

  1. GST on FPA 
  2. Extra Tax on FPA
  3. Further Tax on FPA
  4. Income tax on FPA
  5. ED on FPA


Your electricity bill contains valuable information about your energy costs, charges and taxes etc. By understanding the components of the LESCO bill, you can make a remarkable decrease of your energy costs by adopting right decision on right right time. In case of any queries, Lesco customer services can be availed.

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