Case Laws on Civil Matters:

Civil laws in Pakistan form a crucial aspect of the legal framework, governing disputes between private parties. These cases encompass a broad spectrum, including contract disputes, property issues, and family matters. Pakistani civil laws draw from a mix of English common law and Islamic principles, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive approach to dispute resolution. Civil cases are adjudicated in various courts, ranging from district courts to high courts, with the aim of providing fair and timely resolutions for those seeking justice. Following is the list of important cases of civil nature:

1. Temporary Injunction

2. Disobedience of injunction order

3. Shamilat Deh

4. Correction in service record

5. Declaration on the basis of agreement to sell

6. Declaration on the basis of unregistered sale deed

7. Electricity tariff

8. Lal lakeer and abadi deh

9. Oral Sale of immovable property

10. Components of LESCO Bill

11. Doctrine of Election